Prototype machining

  • Very fast turnaround time (less than a week in ideal conditions): customer sends a production-ready geometry on e-mail -> NC tracks and a jig (if needed) ready and waiting when the material arrives -> immediate machining and measuring
  • The advantages of multi-axis technology are numerous: prototype parts can be large and the ability to machine complex shapes in a single set-up saves customer’s time and money

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proto uusi

With the help of our five-axis equipment, the production of the prototype can be done efficiently

With the help of our 5-axis machines, most prototype pieces can be manufactured with just a few, if not one, attachments. This saves precious time in the production of the prototype.

We manufacture prototypes in accordance with our values ​​efficiently, flexibly and with high quality

Our key values ​​include high-quality work and flexible and efficient working methods. We want this to be reflected in our entire operation, such as in prototyping. So contact us if you need efficient prototype production for your future piece. After manufacturing an accurate prototype, we can start serial production of your pieces according to your wishes.

We manufacture prototypes in Oulainen Finland.

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Did you know that we also manufacture various moulds and also take care of 3D modeling.