We manufacture impellers and individual blades for turbines and propellers – according to customer’s design. The diameter range of impellers is 100 – 1000 mm. Height can be up to 800 mm.

Various materials can be used: aluminium, cast iron, stainless steel or bronze. The products can be manufactured from a 3D model or by means of 3D scanning and digitization based on an existing product.

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What is an impeller?

An Impeller is a rotor that is used to increase the flow and pressure of a fluid. It's the opposite of a turbine which decreases and extracts energy from flowing fluids. Impellers are used in in example centrifugal compressors, agitated tanks and air pumps.

Dimensionally accurate impeller manufacturing 

The manufacturing of dimensionally accurate impellers is possible thanks to our modern machine centers and our long experience.  One of many things that has enabled our cost-effective manufacturing of impellers is the usage of 5-axis machining.  As a rule, we manufacture impellers in serial production, which is based on the production of a prototype, but individual machining may also be possible.

We have served many satisfied customers both in Finland and internationally from different industrial sectors, which include e.g. aircraft, automotive, food and marine industries. You can view some of the parts we manufacture in our references.

Why choose Sievi-Tools?

We have many years of experience manufacturing demanding impellers and our main focus is on quality and customer satisfaction. Our manufacturing facilities are also ISO 9001 certified and we are an Airbus approved supplier of mechanical parts. 

When you need high-quality, serviceable, experienced and cost-effective impeller manufacturing, contact the professionals at Sievi-Tools.

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