Precision cnc machining services

Sievi-Tools offers versatile precision cnc machining service using 3- and 5-axis machining centers. We can manufacture parts from  e.g. aluminum, titanium, red metal, tool- and structural steels. You can get the precision machined parts you need from prototype to series production. In addition, assemblies and surface treatments are possible through our partners. 

The largest parts that can be manufactured on our 5-axis machining centers are about one cubic meter. With our 3-axis centers the maximum size of a part is considerably larger.

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Our versatile machine base enables even the most demanding machining

Modern multi-axis machining technology, flexibility, fast deliveries and professionalism are our strengths. The main advantage of our genuine 5-axis cnc machining is the ability to save time by machining complex shapes in a single set-up – and very accurately.

With the help of our professional and committed employees and our versatile machine base, we are able to machine precision components in various ways for various industries.

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Why should you choose Sievi-Tools for precision cnc machining

We are e.g. Airbus-approved supplier of mechanical parts and our company has an ISO 9001 quality system certificate. We manufacture the machining parts and related solutions needed by customers, both in terms of production and functional solutions. Impellers and various gears that require such precision are among the metal parts we manufacture. We have machined metal parts e.g. for the needs of the automotive, marine, aircraft and food industries. You can find out more about the parts we have made in our references.

Our values ​​include continuous development that allows us to guarantee the quality of our work. For us, quality is the starting point for everything we do to ensure satisfied customers and the precisely machined parts. In addition, our decades of experience guarantee work efficiency and economy.

What does machining really mean?

There is often talk of machining, but what does that really mean? In short, machining means removing material from a part by milling or turning. In this way machining is used to get the part into the desired shape. The machining itself takes place on machining centers, which today are mainly computer-controlled.

Most of the machining centers used for machining are controlled with CNC (Computer Numerical Control). This means that the machine interprets the data entered by the person as code. With CNC controls and our experienced employees, the pieces we manufacture are extremely accurate and this enables efficient series production.

Thanks to CNC machining, 3D CAD models can be converted directly into CAM models. This means that the code needed for processing can be generated automatically based on the virtual parts.

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