About us

Founded in 1999, Sievi Tools started its production modestly with one machine. At that time, the purpose was mainly to support and develop Sievi's footwear shoe mold production. The operation grew and developed very quickly, and in order to keep up with that positive development, a new 5-axis machine was acquired. The investment in 5-axis equipment later turned out to be very profitable, as the machining process could be optimized efficiently and, above all, economically, with these machines. Efficiency and economy are still the backbone of our operations. Today, our machine base has grown with, among other things, two 3-axis machines, one of which is a portal machine with an x-movement of more than 3 meters.

From the beginning, the purpose of our operation has been to offer our services also to others outside of the Sievi group. Today, Sievi's footwear share of the turnover varies between 0.5-3% of the unit. The main focus of molds and tools has shifted to serial production, and its share is almost 80% of all production.

Our operations,

Without skilled, flexible, motivated and committed personnel, the challenges posed by the industry and the competition would be even more difficult. Our employees are professionals in their field committed to our company and are involved in the company's operational management team. Development programs, values, strategy and customer promises are defined in the management team. Strategy work and the resulting new dashboards and operating methods support both employees in their operational work and the company's success in an increasingly competitive situation.

Our core values

In our operations, quality is everything to us. Top-quality end products and satisfied customers are of the utmost importance to us - that's why we constantly improve our operations and always strive to be even better.

We always tailor our solutions according to the customer's needs. Delivery reliability, quality and flexibility guarantee a good end result.

Ten years of experience, professionalism and permanent, long-term customer relationships are a guarantee of the efficiency and economy of our work. If necessary, we deliver on a fast schedule - both small and large batches.