5-axis cnc machining

5-axis cnc machining offers more options for manufacturing, enables the production of complex pieces and speeds up production. In addition, 5-axis machining increases the dimensional accuracy of the products.

We use 5-axis machining to manufacture various components for machine and equipment manufacturers, typically from aluminum and steel. Most often it is a series production that comes from prototype machining. Individual products and demanding configurations are also possible.

In Finland, Sievi-Tools is a pioneer in its field in the use of 5-axis machines. 5-axis machines are one of our special areas of expertise. The 5-axis machines we use can machine complex parts with top-class precision. Parts can often be made with just one attachment, which speeds up the manufacturing process and reduces the number of work steps required. For the customer, 5-axis machining means not only speed but also cost-effectiveness, precision and high-quality production.

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We manufacture demanding parts using 5-axis machining

Complex pieces are possible with a 5-axis machine. These include e.g. impellers and similar pieces. The 5-axis machine allows us to produce dimensionally accurate parts with less attachments than 3-axis machines. This significantly speeds up the production of parts and thus cost savings can be achieved.

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5-axis machining allows

  • Less attachments
  • Less waste
  • Increases flexibility in the production of pieces
  • More precise machining and a more accurate end result
  • Shorter running times and thus faster manufacturing

Requirements for a machined part

The size of the piece can be up to 1m3 and the weight must be less than 1500kg. Various materials can be handled with 3- or 5-axis machining. These include e.g. aluminum, titanium, red metals and structural steels. Assemblies and surface treatments are also possible. If turning etc. is required, this is possible through our partners.

If you want to know if we can machine your part, get in touch! We are happy to help with the entire process, from design to manufacturing.


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Our customers come from various industries

Our customers come from various companies in the aviation, automotive, marine and food industries. In the references you can see pieces we have made for different industries. Are you next in this group?

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Our key values ​​include a satisfied customer

We make pieces from  prototype to series production, according to the customer's wishes. Our key values ​​include dimensionally accurate quality, efficiency, delivery reliability and flexibility brought by decades of efficient machinery.