3D Measurement

Three-dimensional measurements of geometric elements (such as planes, cylinders, cones, holes and their locations relative to each other, distances and angles) can be done in short period of time, especially on an individual item.

3D shape measurements can be made very precisely, comparing the 3D geometry of a CAD document with a real life manufactured component.

In the 3D measurement service, we use the Faro Cage measuring device, which allows us to quickly and easily find out the exact dimensions of the piece. Our measurement service can also be used to create an accurate 3D modeling of the piece.

What is 3D measurement?

3D measurement is a modern way to measure, illustrate and scan the desired piece. Because of this, 3D measurement can be used widely in various industries, such as in the manufacturing and quality control of parts in the aerospace or automotive industries.

Thanks to 3D measurement, it is possible to be sure of the exact dimensions of the parts, and based on the measurements, future accurate parts can be manufactured using, for example, 5-axis cnc machining.